ChairBots persuade people to play chess

6 week long study to analyze effect of ChairBot's recruitment motion strategies on getting people to play a game of chess. Study of robot's expressive motion on robot persuasion.

Autonomous Driving F1/10

TA for Autonomous driving course at OSU. I made an autonomous car which will compete in F1/10 world championship at CPS-2019 in Montreal.

Designing Personality in ChairBots

How can we design personality in robotic chairs which can only move. Study of expressive motion and ChairBot personality.

Robotics at X

During summerof 2018, worked on an unannounced robotics project to solve a very exciting and challenging robotics problem at the moonshot factory.

Bambino -- tabletop social robot

Bambino is a derivative of the Blossom robot originally designed at Cornell university. Another graduate student completed his masters in robotics thesis using Bambino.

Alligator Inspired Robot

Simulated and built control system for an alligator inspired robot using cyclic gaits. Analyzed its speed and energy to discover the importance of body undulations and tail movement.

Interactive Social Robots at Stanford

Summer after junior year, I worked on autonomous and human-in-the-loop controller design for minimal social robots (and much more) at Stanford University.

Interactive Robotic Manipulator

Built a 3D vision-based feedback control system to recognize and localize objects in the environment. The algorithm controls lower-level robot manipulator routines to select contextually appropriate objects, such as a teddy bear to cheer a sad child.

JARBot - A Robot to Play Catch with!

A simple and fun robot which plays catch with you. This robot was part of applied robotics course at OSU and the idea was to make a reliable, interactive robot that was also low cost and easy to make.