Namaste ☮ I am Abhijeet Agnihotri

I completed MS in robotics at Oregon State University, USA where I work at the Charisma Lab with Dr. Heather Knight in 2019. I always had a fascination towards robots. From building legos to playing video games, I was trying to create new things and explore the world of imagination. Most of that is still true today...

During my PhD, I researched non-verbal communication in simple social robots, like a robotic chair, to express personality and also persuade people to play chess. I also worked on contextualized personalization system for service robots, like resolutionbot, which was a turtlebot which would seek people out in an office and keep them motivated to stick to their new year resolutions.

Currently, I am interning at Toyota Research Institute Robotics, in Cambridge, MA. Here I am doing research on designing SLiM robot expressions for communicating essential state transitions. Basically, how can a home robot coomunicate state information to people around it. I follow a human centered approach, which is agnostic of the robot's form or function, results of this investigation are going to be submitted to HRI 2020. In the recent past (summer '18), I interned at X (formerly, GoogleX) where I worked on an unannounced project in robotics, trying to solve very exciting and challenging array of problems. I was particularly working on software development of robotic applications, working on manipulation, and finally designing robot applications to do some human-robot-interaction experiments!

Previously, I finished my undergrad in mechanical engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna, India. For my undergrad thesis I worked with Dr. Atul Thakur, in which I designed, fabricated and developed control systems for an aligator inspired robot. During my undergrad I also got amazing opportinities to do robotics research internships at NYU (summer '15) and Stanford University (summer '16). At both places, I worked on robots and researched human robot interactions.